Professional training and consulting

Kelly brings a unique background to provide a set of “rogue skills”.

Kelly is a renowned expert in Covert Entry, Tracking, Behavioral Programming, and low profile operations and training.

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My handcuff breaking technique on Fox News! - Here you will see my staff and a criminal actually breaking the handcuffs off their wrists to escape. http://video.foxnews.com/v/5114520074001/suspect-alonso-perez-escapes-police-facility-in-nevada-/?#sp=show-clips Related Images:
Kelly Alwood article on Alternative meat sources; part 1. Tactics and Preparedness Magazine - This is the first article in a series about acquiring and processing alternative meat and protein sources for survival.       This is a great magazine and I highly recommend that you click HERE now and subscribe so you get every article! You can also find my book HERE. ¬†Get it today on Amazon […]
American Survival Guide Magazine; Special Edition by Kelly Alwood - What an amazing issue of American Survival Guide Magazine. This issue is packed with ruck sacks of knowledge from absolute experts in their fields.           Many retail stores carry this including Walmart and Barnes and Noble. Pick yours up today, and you can subscribe at the link below. You can subscribe […]